The Surprising Secret That Will Make Your Skin Less Oily

Oily skin is common during teenage years, though some people struggle with it for much longer. It can be a real drag to have your makeup melt off your face by midday because it gets so oily. Preventing this is simple, use blotting papers and the best foundations for oily skin. But the root of the problem is what you’d actually like to solve in order to put a stop to all of the struggles.

People with oily skin have a vast variety of different skincare products that they use religiously. Oiliness is often the cause of acne as well, which calls for even more skincare products to be used. It’s not surprising to hear that a person with oily skin washes their face five times or more each day. In addition to this, many people don’t bother to moisturize since their skin won’t feel dry.

best foundations for oily skin.

Doing all of the abovementioned actually makes oily skin so much worse. Oils on the face aren’t a bad thing, in fact, they’re essential. While an excessive amount of oil can be annoying, this will usually pass and normalize in time. People who struggle with oily skin for years owe it all to their face washing regimen.

Washing your face excessively and continuously stripping it of oils will encourage the skin to produce even more oil. And the more oil it produces, the more you’ll wash. It’s a viscous cycle. While it might be hard, try to limit yourself to washing your face twice daily. Once in the morning to get a clean canvas for applying the best foundations for oily skin and once at night to remove makeup before bed. Remember to moisturize afterwards as well. This will restore moisture to the face and prevent overproduction of oil.

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